My Adventures at TCAF 2017: A Travelogue Comic by Jamie Isfeld
Travelogue Comic
A real-life log of an adventure to the 2017 Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Streetstyle Samurai
She’s cooler and more deadly than anyone in the City. She’s the Streetstyle Samurai, guardian in service of the Shogun-AI, and she is fabulous while doing so.
(Currently available at conventions only)






Seeking a less-crowded beach, a girl gets a direct message from a mysterious stranger on her social feed.

Currently in progress:

Goat Girl and the Witch of the Woods
Graphic Novel
Goat Girl lives in a humble town in a giant forest. When she goes out to do chores, she falls down a hill and into adventure! Can Goat Girl make the hard choice between culture, family, and community and save her town from destruction?

Ohai! We’re Adorable Monsters: Volume Three
Colouring Book
Ohai! We’re wrapping up the series. A brand new collection of more monsters and fun activities.

Sweethearts 2: Girly Boogaloo (Working Title)
Colouring Book
A new collection of shoujo sweethearts to colour!

Jewels: A Josei Manga Colouring Book
Colouring Book
A collection of sassy fashion-focused josei ladies to add your funky flair to!


shoujo-sweethearts-coverSweethearts: A Shoujo Manga Coloring Book
Colouring Book
Hey, shoujo superstar! This book contains a collection of sweethearts to colour. Angels, catgirls, and more.

ohai_coverOhai! We’re Adorable Monsters: Volume Two
Colouring Book
Ohai! We’ve got even more monsters! Volume two adds new friends and activities for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Ohai! We’re Adorable Monsters: Volume One
Colouring Book
Ohai! We’re Adorable Monsters! Come and colour us and do special creativity-based activities based around each page.